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So you want to learn to design but you're not sure where to start...

Dipping your toe into a new skill set as expansive as design can be a little intimidating. With a diverse array of different software, techniques and applications; when beginning to learn to design, everything can all feel a little uncertain and without a little guidance it can be tough deciding where to start.

Luckily we’ve made a handy little guide to help make your first steps a little easier. We’ve broken down the most popular software into their most common uses in the industry so you can get a clearer picture of what your journey to becoming a designer might look like.



As the industry-leading building information modelling software, Revit is a must for anyone looking to get into architecture, engineering, or the contracting industry. Revit aids with all aspects of the building, design and planning.



A staple for any architectural, engineering, construction or design career, AutoCAD is a powerful tool for designing plans, elevation and sections. First released in 1982, it’s the oldest and most widely used CAD.



Commonly used within architectural, industrial design, product, jewellery and fashion design, Rhino enables users to create free-flowing 3D forms.


After Effects

An understanding of Adobe After Effects is a prerequisite for a variety of graphic, web and fashion design careers and has many applications in photography and media. Allowing expert level of motion graphics and visual effects, where you can take any idea and make it move.



The industry standard software for image manipulation, Photoshop is useful for everything from colour correcting and photo polishing to web and graphic design, product mock-ups and photo-realistic illustration.



Illustrator, allows designers to create a broad range of artwork from branding, stylized design drawing, logos and artworks. Adobe Illustrator is perfect for beginners and will arm you with the skills you need to create compelling logos, graphics, text art and illustrations.



A powerful publishing software, ideal for creating high quality text and image based graphics such as magazines, newspapers, design presentations, books, posters and brochures, InDesign is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their creative output.


Cinema 4D

Maxon Cinema 4D is a powerful 3D motion graphics program designed to create advanced and in-depth 3D graphics and animations for interior, architectural, jewellery, product design, graphic, film and TV.



SketchUp is an easy to use 3D modelling programme for drawing and developing 3D forms with uses in interior and landscape design, architecture, engineering, furniture and design. It's a popular pick for anyone looking to start out in 3D design.



With its ability to design in 3D and 2D simultaneously, Vectorworks is a fantastic software for a wide range of design disciplines widespread use within the architectural, interior and landscape design industries.


Whether you're thinking of dabbling in product design with Rhino or want to pursue Revit for a career in architecture, at London Software Training we can provide you with all the skills, knowledge and career guidance you need to kickstart your design dreams!


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