9 Day AutoCAD 2D & 3D Introduction to Advanced Course

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Who is this course for? 

The course is for those looking to produce advanced 2D plans, elevations and sections, have a comprehensive understanding of all key tools in AutoCAD 2D and produce complex 3D models and renders. The course is perfect for complete beginners or those with a little experience in the software, who would like to apply for CAD roles or take their business and careers to the next level.


Course Includes:

  • Expert teaching from practicing architects and designers

  • Bespoke video tutorials to take home

  • Digital reference book for revision

  • Free ongoing after support

  • Tailoring of syllabus and projects where possible

  • LST certificate of completion

  • 10% of all fees allocated to design training for charities and schools.
  • Free course re-take within 18 Months.


Career Progression & Opportunities

  • Architecture

  • Interior Design

  • Construction

  • Engineering

  • Furniture Design

  • Product Design

  • Event Production 


What will you learn? 

Over 9 full days, you’ll learn how to create complex plans, elevations, and sections and cover all the advanced tools within the sofwtare. Days 3, 6 & 9 of the course allows you to work on your projects, developing your portfolio or bringing in work from your current role or business.


Course Includes:

  • Expert teaching from practicing architects and designers

  • Bespoke video tutorials to take home

  • Digital reference book for revision

  • Free ongoing after support

  • Tailoring of syllabus and projects where possible

  • LST certificate of completion


Course Coverage:

  • Navigating the working environment

  • Working with files

  • Displaying Objects

  • Creating Basic Drawings

  • Inputting Data

  • Creating Basic Objects 

  • Using Object Snaps 

  • Using Polar Tracking and PolarSnap

  • Using Object Snap Tracking

  • Working with Units

  • Manipulating Objects

  • Selecting Objects in the Drawing

  • Changing an Object’s Position

  • Creating New Objects from Existing Objects

  • Changing the Angle of an Object’s Position

  • Creating a Mirror Image of Existing Objects

  • Creating Object Patterns

  • Changing an Object’s Size

  • Drawing Organisation and Enquiry Commands

  • Using Layers

  • Changing Object Properties

  • Matching Object Properties

  • Using the Properties Palette

  • Using Linetypes

  • Using Enquiry Commands 

  • Editing Text

  • Dimensioning and Annotation

  • Creating Dimensions

  • Using Dimension Styles

  • Editing Dimensions

  • Using Multileaders

  • Hatching Objects

  • Editing Hatch Objects

  • Using Blocks 

  • Using Page Setups

  • Plotting Drawings 

  • Creating Drawing Templates 

  • Using Drawing Templates 

  • Drawing Objects

  • Manipulating Objects  and Data

  • Dividing and Measuring Objects 

  • Organising tool palettes

  • Sharing tool palettes

  • Using external references Managing external references

  • Creating and editing multi-lines

  • Creating revision clouds Wipeout Objects

  • Boundaries

  • Advanced Printing Techniques

  • Altering Objects

  • Trimming and Extending Objects to Defined Boundaries

  • Creating Parallel and Offset Geometry

  • Joining Objects 

  • Applying a Radius Corner to Two Objects

  • Creating an Angled Corner Between Two Objects

  • Changing Part of an Object’s Shape 

  • Layouts and Viewports

  • Using Layouts

  • Creating Layouts

  • Modifying Layouts and Using Page Setups

  • Using Viewports 

  • Creating Layout Viewports

  • Working with Layout Viewports

  • Controlling Object Visibility in Layout Viewports

  • Annotating the Drawing

  • Creating Multiline Text

  • Creating Single Line Text

  • Using Text Styles


Drawing Complex Objects

  • Creating multi lines
  • Editing multi lines
  • Using revision clouds
  • Wipeout objects
  • Boundaries
  • Regions

Manipulating Objects and Data

  • Using Quick Select
  • Purging
  • Dividing and measuring
  • Point objects
  • Understanding QuickCalc

Advanced Dimensioning and Annotation

  • Annotation scaling
  • Working with text
  • Multi leaders
  • Creating centre marks
  • Geometric dimensions and tolerances
  • Substyles and overrides

Re-usable Content

  • Using Design Centre
  • Custom tool palettes
  • Sharing tool palettes
  • Using external references
  • Non-native file types

Blocks and Attributes

  • Working with blocks
  • Creating attributes
  • Editing attributes

Layer Management

  • Working with layer filters
  • Layer States Manager
  • Layer standards

Layouts and Views

  • Working with layouts
  • Working with viewports
  • Controlling object visibility


  • Working with plotter configuration files
  • Creating and applying plots
  • Style tables
  • Publishing drawing

Sheet Sets

  • Creating sheet sets
  • Properties
  • Fields
  • Publishing
  • Transmitting and archiving

Working with Tables

  • Creating and editing tables
  • Working with table styles
  • Extracting attributes to tables
  • Exporting tables
  • Importing tables
  • Working with tables linked to external data



  • Architecture, Interior, Landscape & Products

  • User Coordinate System and the Z-Axis

  • Solid Modeling - Constructive Solid Geometry

  • 3D Surface Modelling

  • Drawing Accurately

  • Creating Basic & Extended Geometry

  • Multi view Drawings from 3D Model

  • Symmetrical Features in Designs

  • Advanced Modeling Tools & Techniques

  • Conceptual Design Tools & Techniques

  • Lighting & Materials

  • Photorealistic Rendering

  • Presenting & Printing Visualisations

Value for Money: This offer is the AutoCAD 2D Introduction to Intermediate Course, AutoCAD 2D Intermediate to Advanced Course & AutoCAD 3D Introduction to Intermediate Course bundled together, saving over £280.


What: Hands-on practical course, days 3, 6 & 9 allow for you to work on your projects and portfolio.


When: 9 day course (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday + Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday + Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday). 3 days learning AutoCAD 2D Introduction to Intermediate skills, 3 days learning AutoCAD 2D Intermediate to Advanced skills & 3 days learning AutoCAD 3D Introduction to Intermediate skills


Time: 9:45am-4:00pm


Where: London Software Training, London, E8 3FA

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