Who is this course for?

Our SketchUp Intermediate to Advanced Course teaches you how to use advanced plug-in modeling software to create detailed architectural, interior, landscape, engineering, jewelry, and furniture projects. 


What will you learn?

This course develops advanced design, modeling and rendering skills, with a range of practical, hands-on lessons.  You will learn how to create and edit complex 3D models, add lighting and materials for beautiful, professional quality renders, ensuring you leave with the skills and confidence to fully take advantage of SketchUp software and free plug-in additions.


Course Includes:

  • Expert teaching from practicing architects and designers

  • Bespoke video tutorials to take home

  • Digital reference book for revision

  • Free ongoing after support

  • Tailoring of syllabus and projects where possible

  • LST certificate of completion



Course Coverage:

  • Installation & operation of free Sketchup Plugins

  • Nurbs Modeling

  • Advanced Freeform Modelling

  • Push/ Pull Curved Surfaces

  • Bend complex 3D Geometry

  • Create complex stairs

  • Creating 3D objects from 2D profiles

  • Creating Components

  • Custom window & door components

  • Import components from 3D Warehouse

  • Position and export SketchUp models to Google Earth

  • Use PhotoMatch to add photographs to your model

  • Create, edit, mix and apply styles; create a basic presentation.

  • Use existing CAD files for reference.

  • Organise your model using layers

  • Create sections and animated scenes for presentations

  • Export to LayOut

  • Rendering for photo-realistic output

  • Installation & operation of free SketchUp plugins 
    - LibFredo
    - True Bend
    - Weld
    - Joint Push/ Pull
    - Fredo Scale
    - Curviloft
    - Twilight Render


  • Advanced Modelling

  • Nurbs Modeling (Curviloft)
  • Push/ Pull Curved Surfaces (Joint Push/ Pull)
  • Bend complex 3D Geometry (True Bend)
  • Creating Components
  • Create complex stairs (and bend)
  • Window & door components
  • Position and export SketchUp models to Google Earth
  • Adding Lights
  • Types of light
  • Point (all directions, inside lamp, translucent curtain), spot, projector, emitter (edit material, templates, emit)  
  • Spotlights
  • Adjust colour of bulb
  • Edit falloff
  • Environmental lighting
  • Creating renders (Twilight render)
  • Quality (pixels)
  • Materials (templates)
  • Reflections
  • Transparencies
  • Cast shadows
  • Water
  • Colour -  from SketchUp to white
  • Alpha - lower alpha makes the material clear
  • Bump - adds rough texture/ ripples
  • Gamma, exposure = brightness
  • Use PhotoMatch

  • Export to LayOut

SketchUp Intermediate to Advanced 3 Day Course

  • What: Hands-on practical course, day 3 allows for you to work on your projects and portfolio.

    When: 3 day course

    Time: 09:45am-4:00pm

    Where: London Software Training, London, E8 3FA

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