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AutoCAD 2D Introduction to Advanced 6 Day Course

AutoCAD 2D Introduction to Advanced 6 Day Course

PriceFrom £895.00

Who is this course for? 

The course is for those looking to produce advanced 2D plans, elevations and sections, as well as understanding all key tools in AutoCAD 2D. The course is perfect for complete beginners or those with a little experience in the software, who would like to apply for CAD roles or take their business and careers to the next level. We use AutoCAD LT in our training.


    Value for money: This offer is the AutoCAD 2D Introduction to Intermediate Course and AutoCAD 2D Intermediate to Advanced Course bundled together, saving over £190.


    What: Hands-on practical course, days 3 and 6 allow for you to work on your projects and portfolio.


    When: 6 day course (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday + Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday). First 3 days learning AutoCAD 2D Introduction to Intermediate skills, second 3 days learning AutoCAD 2D Intermediate to Advanced skills.


    Time: 9:45am-4:00pm (45 minute lunch break)


    Where: London Software Training, 17, Sheep Lane, London, E8 3FA


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