Who is this course for?

Enhance or refresh your skills with BIM and Revit with our intensive Intermediate to Advanced 3 day course. This course is ideal for anyone who has a foundational knowledge of Revit and is looking to build on their existing skills. Advanced Revit training will greatly aid anyone looking to further their study or gain employment within the design, architectural, construction and engineering fields. 


What will you learn?

This Revit course will take your understanding of Revit to the next level and after three days you’ll be confident in utilising the software for all aspects of building documentation and design to an advanced level. Your tutor will guide you through the ins and outs of the software, with a range of practical, hands-on lessons ensuring you leave with the skills and confidence to fully take advantage of Revit software.


Course Includes:

  • Expert teaching from practicing architects and designers

  • Bespoke video tutorials to take home

  • Digital reference book for revision

  • Free ongoing after support

  • Tailoring of syllabus and projects where possible

  • LST certificate of completion

  • 10% of all fees allocated to design training for charities and schools.
  • Free course re-take within 18 Months.


Course Coverage:


  • Conceptual Design
  • Conceptual Mass Forms and Voids
  • In-Place massing and the Family Editor
  • Creating Freeform Surfaces and Forms
  • Manipulating Forms with Grips, Gizmos and Dimensions X-Ray mode, add Edges and Profiles and Push and Pull Dissolving and Rebuilding forms
  • Creating Parametric Mass Forms
  • Formula Driven Mass Forms
  • Using Adaptive Rigs
  • Custom Curtain Pattern Based Families
  • Creating Mass Floors
  • Scheduling Mass Forms
  • Surface Areas and Costs per Floor
  • Comparative Analysis between different Mass Forms Total Surface to Floor Area Ratio
  • Volume to Floor Area Ratio
  • Applying Architectural Components:Walls, Floors, Roofs and
  • Curtain Walls Custom Parameters
  • Project Parameters
  • Shared Parameters
  • Site and Topography
  • Create Topography by points
  • Topography from AutoCAD Contour Drawings Topography from Imported Points File Site Boundaries and Property Lines
  • Annotating Site Plans
  • Understanding Project and Surveyors Base Points Creating Site Pads to Displace Earth Grading Terrain
  • Producing Cut and Fill Schedules Site Components
  • Shared Positioning 
  • Project Phasing
  • Managing Project Phasing
  • Existing work * Work to be demolished New Phases
  • Design Options
  • Working with multiple design options Managing Design Options
  • Accepting the Primary Option
  • Groups and Assemblies
  • Creating Groups
  • Modifying Groups
  • Saving and Loading Groups
  • Creating Groups from Links
  • Creating Assemblies
  • Creating Assembly Views
  • Using Keynotes
  • CSI Formatted
  • Keynote Settings
  • Keynote Tag
  • Keynoting by Element
  • Customising Keynote list
  • Keynote Legend 

Revit Intermediate to Advanced 3 Day Course

  • What: Hands-on practical course, day 3 allows for you to work on your projects and portfolio.

    When: 3 day course

    Time: 09:45am-4:00pm

    Where: London Software Training, London, E8 3FA

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